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25 lutego 2019

Five sexy costumes for Valentine`s Day

February is a month during which we celebrate love and partnership. Couples go on special dates for Valentine’s Day, they make plans for the evening to be really special and unforgettable. Some men might prepare a very special proposal scenario, some might plan for a romantic retreat where they can enjoy some quality time together. But no matter what plans enamoured people make for the 14th of February, they usually involve some sexy lingerie. If you want to take your Valentine’s date to a wholly new level of spiciness, you might want to forget the bra and panties combination and opt for a sexy costume. Role playing is such a great aphrodisiac, that it would really be a shame not to use it from time to time. If you need some inspiration as far as choosing a right costume is concerned, visit the website to check out this hot offer of sexy costumes for Valentine’s day:   

To make things easier we have some categories of costumes you might want to consider, to make your Valentine’s date really unforgettable: 

  • Nurses – sexy nurse costume is always a good choice, it emphasizes your sweet and caring side; men love to be taken care of, so show them the easy way to feel better; white color of the costumes makes you look innocent and pure, but who knows what you might be hiding underneath this sweet demeanor;   
  • Policewomen – wearing a sexy officer outfit might be the greatest turn on for both of you; black and tight crop top with tiny shorts with vinyl collar and belt will make you look saucy and hot, he’ll know that you mean serious business, no more fooling around. Add a pair of feather cuffs to finish up the sultry look and off you go to have some fun together;
  • Stewardesses – sexy flight attendant costume is yet another male fantasy came true; simple and official cut of the uniform emphasizes your serious side, and tight fitting form accentuates your feminine curves; this shows that you are both very professional and caring, your man will know he can feel safe and well taken care of at the same time; take him on a long and delightful trip, the one he is not going to forget;
  • Maids – use a sexy apron made of delicate satin and lace or a mini-skirt with several layers of mesh, satin and lace to provide your man with the best room service he could ever dream of; add some necessary accessories, like lacy headband and feather duster, to complete the sultry look and have some fun;
  • Other ideas ­– this section is a real treasure trove of great ideas; you can become a sultry sailorwoman to take you partner on a naughty voyage or a playful bunny that is cute and spicy at the same time; there are also some options, if your man loves a bossy side of yours, try out hot sheriff costume or sexy soldier uniform to easily take command in the bedroom;  

These five categories are a basic reflection of the most common sexual fantasies most of men have. At some point each man wants to have a sexy nurse by his side or wants to be cuffed by a naughty policewoman. French maids and alluring flight attendants feature in their dreams equally often. So, why not cater to their needs, play along and have some fun on the way. Use the sexy costume as you Valentine’s nightwear and you will not get too much sleep. And even though we are certain that love should be celebrated all year round and it doesn’t need any special occasion, we think that Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to take your relationship to a whole new level of playfulness and fun. Happy Valentine’s ladies and gentlemen.      



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