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27 maja 2019

Design your smile anew. About modern aesthetic dentistry

Smile is a business card regardless of the profession, and dentistry has long since not been a field that focuses on treatment. In the 21st century, you can really design a beautiful smile like in a movie, but what does that mean?

The saying that the first impression can be made only once is true here, which is why it is worth trying to make sure that the smile is perfect. A six-monthly review and the use of an appropriate toothpaste or toothbrush is something that every dentist will remind us of at every visit. But that's not all. Dentistry along with the development of technology has already entered a higher level associated with aesthetic dentistry, which will affect the appearance of a smile in an advanced way.

Basic treatments, which are designed to improve the visual appearance of the teeth. First of all, these tasks are scaling, sandblasting and whitening. It is recommended to use these treatments in the same order as above, because the removal of scale and sediment before bleaching will improve the effect and durability of the treatment.

Removing tartar prevents inflammation of the gums and sandblasting will thoroughly cleanse the gums to remove dark deposits. When the aesthetic effect does not satisfy us, we can perform the teeth whitening procedure. There is a choice of overlay whitening or whitening that takes place in the office. In time. Overlay whitening is achieved with tooth overlays and a whitening preparation to be used for the next two weeks. Lamp whitening in the office takes about an hour. After preparing your mouth, your dentist may apply a whitening gel, which will then be exposed to a UV lamp or laser.

Tine care

If we want a big change and want a unique effect, it is worth knowing that such treatment may take even a few months. Dental clinics outperform each other in the use of programs and equipment that are supposed to improve the whole process. Despite the known aesthetic benefits, you should take into account the many hours you will spend at the dentist. Sometimes, to achieve a mixed effect and enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile, research will be needed. If we have malocclusion, after a few years the teeth will rub off and may hurt, so the dentist must examine them at various angles. Aesthetic dentistry mainly uses modern prosthetic restorations such as veneers or all-ceramic crowns, and sometimes procedures in the field of gum surgery.

The solution is to use porcelain veneers without grinding, which will allow you to conveniently obtain the appropriate change in shape and color of teeth. Of course, these possibilities to rebuild a beautiful smile are different and you will be able to use them. However, it should be remembered that such actions are always associated with costs. Especially when we want to decide to completely change the appearance of our teeth. These amounts can be as high as several dozen thousand zlotys. However, such an investment will ensure that the teeth will serve us for practically the whole life, so the effectiveness of this type of treatment is at the highest level.



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