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31 października 2018

Small bathroom furnishing - a handful of arrangement tips

Bathrooms are very important rooms in every house or apartment. They should be properly planned, not only because they are used by both the household and guests, but also because they are usually small. Adequate arrangement of all furniture and equipment will optically enlarge the space.

However, the point is to make it not only attractive, but also functional. It's not easy to get it all - all the more so if someone doesn't know each other too well on interior decoration. Here are some tips on how to arrange a small bathroom - we hope they will be useful!

How many bathrooms are there to arrange?

Although the question seems strange, much depends on how many bathrooms to plan in the house. Of course, if you live in a block of flats, we usually have only one bathroom. However, there are sometimes two or even three in the house - depending on its surface area or the number of floors. One bathroom is located near the living room or even the entrance and there we direct our guests. The second (or subsequent) are more private. If we have the possibility to arrange more than one bathroom, the matter is much easier - even if both are small. Simply put, all the big equipment can be found in this private one (like a bathtub). You can also divide them into both surfaces - for example, place the washing machine in one, making the other more spacious.

What equipment for a small bathroom?

Much depends on the space itself, but there are a few reliable tips that anyone can use. First of all, planning should start with the biggest things that take up the most space - and adjust the rest to that. If you have a niche to distribute, set up a shower cubicle there.

Small bathroom furnishings

It is also possible to install a toilet if it is not a separate room, in which case the division becomes natural. However, if there is no recess in the room, you can opt for a corner shower cubicle - because it is usually placed in a corner anyway. You can also invest in a shower with a drain in the floor, but then it is very important to measure everything accordingly. The minimum free space is 70 cm x 70 cm, so not so little, considering the limited space available. In a really small bathroom it is best to use a paddling pool instead of a cabin.

A very important element in any bathroom is the toilet seat. In small bathrooms, you can opt for special versions such as suspended toilets or compact standing toilets (standard) with vertical outlet. Both versions allow you to optically enlarge the interior. When it comes to a washbasin that has to appear in the bathroom - even the small one - it is better not to save and not to choose a small product. Remember that we should not only wash our hands, but also, for example, brush our teeth and shave - that's why the minimum width of the wash basin in the bathroom is 45-50 cm and the depth is 40 cm. Many people choose corner washbasins for their small bathroom to save space. You only have to take into account that it is impossible to install a mirror in a corner - unless you find a corner cabinet for the bathroom with a mirror. In order for a small bathroom to be optically larger, bright colours should be used.




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