Interior design
27 lutego 2019

Original ideas for bedroom metamorphosis

Changing the interior does not have to take much time, nor does it mean spending a lot of money. A few simple tricks are therefore able to change our bedroom so that it will be difficult to recognize it.

It is hard not to agree with the fact that the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in houses and flats. It is an intimate space to which only selected people have access. No wonder, then, that we strive to spend time there with pleasure. Like other rooms, however, the bedroom is ageing and the need to refresh it may adversely affect the way it is perceived. So it's time to start making changes!

New bed or... a new headrest

This bed invariably remains the most important element of any bedroom. It is also the first thing that hits our eyes when we appear in this room. So if we make changes, we should start with it. If we want to refresh them, we can decide to replace the headrest. Today the most fashionable are those that are upholstered, because they fit into the interior in any style. Headrests can be purchased in their ready-made version, but there is nothing to prevent you from replacing them yourself. Of course, if we have sufficient financial resources, there is nothing to prevent us from replacing the entire bed. They can be made of recently fashionable palettes, so ideal for an industrial bedroom, but can also be kept in a more classic style.

colour in the bedroom

Changing the colour of the walls

The philosophy of feng shui says that the walls of the bedroom should be decorated in colours similar to those of the human body. No wonder that the price includes not only shades of white, but also brown and beige. This does not mean, however, that the bedroom is not a place where you can afford stronger colour accents. Bright walls are, after all, an excellent background for intense motifs. Such an intensive accent is especially welcome in the bedrooms of people who need to get up early.

Wallpaper or photowallpaper

Not so long ago in the bedrooms wallpapers and wall murals were avoided. Today, however, they return to grace. Their popularity is largely due to the fact that they can spectacularly change the design of any interior. Wallpaper with the original pattern is an interesting alternative to the wall. More and more often it is also replacing the classic bed headrest.

Bedside tables and lamps

Sometimes the metamorphosis of the bedroom can take place at a really low cost. This happens, for example, when we decide to replace bedside cabinets and lamps. Finding ready-made models is not difficult today, and if we have the right skills, we can always decide to make them on our own.



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