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10 marca 2019

Aesthetic dentistry in questions and answers

What is aesthetic dentistry?

Nowadays, aesthetic dentistry is a combination of many activities that are included in the scope of dentistry, starting from conservative dentistry through prosthetics, orthodontics and periodontal or prophylactic procedures. All serve to improve the color, shape, alignment of teeth, but also the appearance by filling in missing teeth or treating malocclusion, which will affect the proportions of the patient's face.

So what problems do patients who want to improve the appearance of their teeth report?

There are many reasons for the unaesthetic appearance of teeth. These may include tooth discolouration related to the patient's diet, systemic diseases, medication, addictions, or insufficient oral hygiene or due to genetic conditions. Old, leaking dental fillings on several surfaces of the same teeth, secondary caries under the fillings, wrong choice of fillings' colour or their discolouration also result in a bad appearance of the tooth. Malocclusions are a separate group of orthodontic causes of crowded teeth, poorly positioned in relation to each other will disrupt the correct facial features, create predispositions for the deposition of dental deposits and the formation of carious defects. Tartar and deposits on tooth surfaces over time have a dark colour and cause inflammation of gums and periodontium, which can lead to the exposure of tooth roots and bad appearance of soft tissues surrounding the teeth.

Tooth whitening

What can a dentist propose in such situations?

Depending on the cause of the problem that the patient reports after an interview and thorough examination in the dentist's office, it will be possible to choose from a number of options for improving the smile. In the case of cavities and leaking fillings it will be the restoration of the colour and shape of natural teeth with the help of modern composite materials, or if the amount of preserved own tissues will not be sufficient, veneers and porcelain crowns are made. Treatment of malocclusion with orthodontic braces will take a lot of time, requires a lot of discipline, but it gives great results. Very often dental prophylactic procedures allow to get rid of problems with discoloration of teeth. Sandblasting and scaling to remove deposits not only restores the natural colour of the teeth, but will also combat the inflammation of the gums that may result from dental plaque.

Is it a safe procedure for everyone? What is it all about?

Whitening is the oxidation of discolorations that appeared on the surface of the tooth or in the case of dead teeth inside the tooth cavity. Not everyone will be eligible for this treatment. Bleaching will not be suitable for people under 18 years of age, pregnant women or people with severe tooth sensitivity. If the tooth is dead, bleaching is carried out during one visit. It is important to remember that whitening can have a side effect, there can be hypersensitivity of teeth or gum irritation problems.



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