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8 października 2017

Contemporary kitchen – how to create it at your home?

You may think that creating a modern kitchen is not easy, but there are some not very complicated ways to make it look more up to date. You just need to put some effort into it, and you will get a contemporary kitchen which looks great and is more functional.

Make a change in the layout of the room

First of all, you should think about replacing your kitchen table with a breakfast bar or an island. The amount of natural light in the modern kitchens is very important, so try to get rid of unnecessary furniture near the windows. You can also replace individual units with some contemporary cabinets, and remember not to put too much stuff on the counter, as in modern kitchens uncluttered space is a priority.

Buy modern appliances

Modern appliances do not only look stylish, but are also eco-friendly and much more efficient than the old ones. That is why, if you want to create a contemporary kitchen at your house, you need to invest in induction stove and new generation oven, dishwasher, fridge and freezer. They are available in a great number of various colours, and may have metallic or high-gloss finishes.

Kitchen decorating

Play with colours

White and grey are two colours that usually come to our mind while thinking about modern style. However, it is also possible to bring some intensive colour into your kitchen. You may do it by choosing red appliances and a backsplash in the same colour. You can also put purple doors on the cabinets at one wall or bright green panels between counter-tops and wall units.

Don’t forget about lights

A proper lighting is a very important element of every kitchen designed in modern style. Recessed spotlights on the ceiling or underneath the units, are among the most popular solutions, but pendant lights are also chosen by many people.

Choose fancy materials

High-gloss and stained metal surfaces are for sure a hit, but remember that those are not the only materials you may use in your kitchen. Wood can also look stunning, especially if you choose cedar or rosewood, which will bring some associations with Scandinavian style. And when it comes to counter-tops, marble is definitely material that looks simply astonishing in modern kitchens. And saying that, you can also use a marble tiles on your kitchen’s floor.



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