1 września 2017

A list of Reasons why owning a Dog will make your life better

Being a ‘dog person’ I can tell you this – owning one makes my life happier and fuller. And, besides unlimited happiness, there are some scientific reasons why having a pup is beneficial to your health!

1. Owning a pup will make your kids more willing to go to school (that’s a fact!) and will improve their self-esteem. Moreover, growing up with dogs lowers the risk of children developing allergies and skin conditions.

2. Petting and talking to your dog may actually reduce the chances of heart attacks, a big plus if you ask me.

3. Having a dog encourages physical activities and shortens the recovery time from illnesses.

4. Dogs are fantastic service and assistance animals.

5. Playing around for 15 to 30 minutes with your dog increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin in your brain, making you more relaxed.

6. There is something in the saying that “dog is man’s best friend”. Our pups are extremely intelligent and loyal creatures that can sense our mood, feelings, emotions. They will also do anything to find their humans. Ever heard about Bobbie the Wonderdog? He travelled 2,800 miles just to get back to his family!

Benefits of owning a dog

7. Dogs are superb, uhm, watchdogs. They naturally learn how to keep an eye on whatever is coming your way. Their barking and guarding will easily put off would-be burglars. Breeds like German Shepherds make fantastic watchdogs, but the truth is that any kind of dog will do great in alerting you about the odd and unusual.

8. Boredom can be problematic, but with dogs there is always something fun to do. A walk, a run, or even throwing them their favourite toy. It’s good for both you and your dog. Oh, and dogs love interacting with other dogs, so a simple walk through the park may be a great opportunity to meet other ‘dog people’.

9. It was also recently discovered that dogs can detect the smell of cancer in our bodies, so it’s another way for them to save our lives.

10. Have you noticed that more and more companies allow their employees to bring their dogs to work? It was proven that having our dogs around during work hours significantly lowers the stress.

11. Last but not least, being responsible for another living being makes us a better and more compassionate person.



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