30 listopada 2018

10 TOP reasons to visit Krakow in winter

The season of holidays and winter trips has begun, but the weather outside the window reminds us that this year's real winter is not and will not be in most of the voivodships. What to do not to get bored?

1. off-season

Krakow is a cultural and historical city that attracts millions of tourists every year. According to the Malopolska Tourist Organisation data, in 2017 it was visited by almost 16 million people, mostly during the peak summer tourist season. That is why it is worth taking advantage of the time, when there are fewer tourists, to get to know the charms of more intimate Krakow and feel its unique atmosphere walking the empty streets of the old town.

Lower prices

Sightseeing in the off-season saves you money on accommodation expenses.

3. child-friendly places

Travelling with your child can be a complicated undertaking, and logistical obstacles can discourage you from planning your further trip.

On the way to Zakopane

For many Poles, the Tatra Mountains are an obligatory destination for winter travels, and the capital of Małopolska is a perfect city breaker on the way to Zakopane. Before entering the crowded Zakopianka, it is worth stopping in Krakow and get to know the city in winter, relax and set off on a further journey.

5. Polish national heritage

There is a canon of monuments that are part of the national heritage, important for Polish culture and history, and Krakow is a large part of them. For those who have never been to the Wawel Castle, or visited the Cloth Hall during a school trip in the primary school, a winter trip to Krakow is a perfect opportunity to catch up with the Polish history and the most important monuments.

Cracow in winter

6. Kazimierz in a new version

Kazimierz is a unique part of Krakow, permeated with Jewish culture and history. In recent years, the district has become, in addition to cultivating its historical heritage, a place full of vibrant bars and restaurants offering both Jewish cuisine and dishes from all over the world.

7. in the sun and in the rain

Krakow's attractions are as varied as the history of the city. Regardless of the weather, the capital of Małopolska offers activities for visitors. With the unfavorable weather you can visit hidden places in Krakow, such as the underground branch of the Historical Museum located under the Cloth Hall and the Old Town Square. The multimedia exhibition shows how the Market Square looked like centuries ago, which centuries ago was located a few meters lower than today. In sunny weather, an ice rink, which is the largest object of this type in Poland, is waiting on the Cracow's membranes.

8. culture

The cultural offer of Krakow has many dimensions. Visitors will find a rich repertoire of cinemas and theatres, classical museums and the developing modern facilities such as the MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art. The city also hosts concerts of international stars such as David Guetta, Depeche Mode and Emela Sande. When going to such an event, it is worth checking if any of the hotels has not prepared a special offer for the concert participants, including e.g. an attractive price of accommodation and transport to the facility or a pre-concert zone for fans.

9. daytime sightseeing, relaxation in the spa in the evening

Lovers of relaxing rest, who after a long day of sightseeing are looking for relaxation, can stay in a hotel offering a spa area, beauty treatments or a choice of saunas. Hotels are developing their services in the field of cosmetic treatments, and an example is Novotel Krakow Centrum, which, while expanding its offer in the spa, began cooperation with experts from All for body.

10. Krakow getting closer and closer

The distance between the cities is not decreasing, but the travel time has definitely shortened. Today we can get to Krakow in 5 hours by train from Gdansk. From Wrocław in just over 3 hours, and from Warsaw in 2 hours 30 minutes.



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