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7 lutego 2019

How to choose the best protein supplement?

At the moment, appearance is very important - just as important as having a good shape. That is why many men decide to take care of their muscle mass and start exercising, supporting themselves in building muscle with special dietary supplements. Not all of them are equally safe. All must be used in accordance with the instructions on the packaging.

If you are just starting your adventure with muscle mass building nutrients, you don't know them very well yet. Sometimes it can make a mistake in the choice, which can have regrettable consequences. The basis for a good, effective training is to provide yourself with a diet of all important nutrients. Dietary supplements are, as it were, shortcuts, but they must be used wisely. What is worth knowing about mass building nutrients?

Protein conditioners

The most popular are mainly various protein supplements. This protein is the basic building block of muscles, which is why it is impossible to build solid muscle tissue without protein. Of course, it's not that you can only take this conditioner and not exercise - you need to have the right training to see the right effects. The optimal amount of protein is about 2 g/kg body weight.

The proteins contained in the nutrients are divided into different types. The differences in composition are due to the fact that they are divided into so-called isolates, concentrates or hydrolysates and a mixture of these (so-called protein matrixes). Choosing for yourself this kind of nutrients, it is best to choose what is the most popular - and therefore the best known and proven. At the moment it is a protein such as micellar casein and whey. You only need to pay attention to the purity of the product. Of course, some supportive elements are added to some of the nutrients, but if the nutrient is to be protein, it should primarily contain protein.

Carbohydrates and gainers

muscle mass

There are also carbohydrate supplements and so-called gainers, i.e. carbohydrate and protein supplements. Without carbohydrates it is impossible to build muscles, because man simply has too little energy. When there is no carbohydrates, the human body absorbs energy from proteins. And yet they are delivered so that they are a building material for the muscles. Hence, carbohydrate or protein-carbohydrate supplements are very useful. It is worth knowing, however, that gainer can be treated as a regular meal and should be eaten only when we can't afford such a real, healthy meal.

It is not advisable to use carbohydrate supplements. And so we are surrounded by them. Whoever starts his adventure with building muscle tissue should rather invest in good quality proteins. The price of gainers is affordable - even delightful - but it does not translate particularly into muscle tissue growth. The most common amino acids in such a mixture are low quality amino acids. So it's worth investing and getting a product that will be the best help in training.



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