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Pack your tent and sleeping bag in a backpack and you'll have a cheap and fairytale trip ahead of you.

Travelling around the world in every form you can feel the adrenaline rise. With adventures that we couldn't have foreseen, the journey turns into a magical and breathtaking event. But what if you meet new wonderful people? In such a situation she is called a fairy tale. But how to organize it?

At the beginning you have to buy a suitable tent, a sleeping bag and, of course, a backpack able to hold the necessary items in such a journey. This includes these items and a bit of money for unforeseen events. Then you can already start, but what exactly?

It is best to open the door and leave the apartment. Then we head for the expressway. The entire route is determined by means of a map, which is kept close to each other. She is not bad, but on the contrary she can mobilize to travel. For some it is an order to pack themselves. While on the route you have to catch the hitchhiking through the extended hand and waving it in a vertical position. After all, somebody should take us away. If you are in a car, you should talk to the driver unless he or she does not want to, because they do happen as well. However, the journey does not evolve into a fairy tale if we do it ourselves. But how to do it? You can take advantage of the following 3. advice.

The journey should not be planned. You have to improvise. Thanks to this, we will see adventures that we remember forever and meet wonderful people. However, what is hidden beneath the word don't plan? For example, if you have hitchhiking, get off at a planned place rather than where you want to hitchhike. In this way another car can take us to an interesting place. In addition, it can be very positive. With your backpack, tent, sleeping bag and money in it, you are safe. You have a place to sleep and food.


At night, be on a wide field while watching the stars. Travelling does not have to sleep only in the "walls". This unusual place to sleep turns a trip into a fairy tale. Of course, sensibly, your own safety is also important. Do not sleep in life-threatening places such as city parks. However, the sincere field where you can see the horizon with the glow of city lights in the distance is magical. Additionally, crickets, stars and the scent of nature. All for free and thanks to them a trip is a fairy tale and saves money.

Talk to those who have just met. You will then get to know new things that we didn't know about. Usually such a person will be more sincere than when talking to their friends. Reason? You're unlikely to meet anymore so he wants to confide in you as long as he can. You can listen to the incredible adventures that happened in his life. However, when you return home, you will be able to share them with anyone you want. The most important thing is that you will have memories.

All in all - act, talk, try! A fairy tale trip stands right next to you, without the need to spend money, just reach for it!



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