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17 stycznia 2018

8 rules to be applied when suspending images

Appropriate picture may allow us to decorate the wall in a spectacular way. The joke is to select the right image and how it will be hung on the wall. Wondering how to do it? I invite you to read it.

Image Size

Before you start searching for an image, check which wall space you have to use. Measurement will allow you to pre-select for graphics. The type of wall decoration you choose can change the proportions of your room in a simple way. For example, images with horizontal patterns are used to optically enlarge small rooms. If you have a low apartment, it is best to decorate the walls with vertical or vertical paintings.

Frame - is it needed?

The framed image in the frame is associated with elegance and chic. Such a solution works well with the classic motifs in the work. And what about other kinds of art? Abstract painting does not need additional frames. The same applies to cascading images. They are also suspended without frames, because this addition would spoil the intended purpose in multi-part images.

Moisture versus art

In rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, it is impossible to avoid humidity. It is important to remember that the water vapour that accumulates can destroy the images. Canvas and paints "do not like" moisture, especially wooden frames. However, if you want to place beautiful wall decorations in this type of rooms, use solutions such as printing on plexiglass or glass.

How to hang an image

How do I attach an image to a wall?

The standard hammer and nail solution does not always work. So how to hang the painting without the need to puncture the walls? If you want to suspend a few small images, it is best to use self-adhesive Velcro, hooks or slices. They will keep a few kilograms of weight calmly, but most importantly, you don't have to use additional tools. A popular way has also become the assembly of images by means of a system of rails with links.

Furniture width

When selecting paintings, it is important to keep in mind the furniture in the room, and to choose a pattern, colour and style that matches the whole, so that everything fits together properly. The most important principle is the symmetrical arrangement of the decoration in relation to the furniture.

Optimal height

The optimal height to hang the picture is considered to be about 1.5 meters above the floor. This results in the image being placed at eye level. This principle is not applied in low rooms or in the position of the image in front of armchairs or sofas. In such a case, the picture should be placed at eye level of seated people, and in low rooms it is safest to place the painting in the middle between the floor and the ceiling.

Cascading images

The designers of cascade paintings assume that the spaces between them should be about 2 cm. Only then will you get a spectacular effect.


If you want your image to be properly exposed, don't forget about the right lighting. Make sure the image is evenly illuminated. Consider natural as well as artificial light. You can use spotlights to accentuate the effect.



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