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11 lutego 2019

How to illuminate the bathroom?

Bathroom is a place where we perform daily care and cosmetic activities, which often require precision. For this reason it is very important to illuminate this room properly. When designing a bathroom, you should forget about the romantic twilight, which will work well in the bedroom. Set on even and accurate illumination of individual zones.

In the bathroom we should first of all install an upper lamp, which will provide general lighting of the whole room. In addition, it is worth to focus on spot lighting in strategic places - near the mirror or under the shower. If we have the means, space and fantasy, we can try experimenting with decorative lighting, which will give our bathroom a unique atmosphere. The number of light sources depends primarily on the surface area of the room.

Upper lighting

A large, decorative chandelier suspended from the ceiling will not work in the bathroom. It is good to focus on aesthetics and minimalism, and buy a built-in plafond. Such a lamp perfectly fulfils its function without overwhelming the whole bathroom. When it comes to the type of lighting, the LED lighting will work well.

Light source above the mirror

Particularly important for people who do not foresee a place for a toilet in a bright room in the apartment. This light should evenly illuminate the face of a person standing in front of the mirror without distorting colours.

Bathroom lighting

The best solution is to install two light sources on both sides of the mirror or on both sides and above the mirror. On the other hand, avoid placing lamps in front of the mirror. Such a solution is completely impractical, because the reflected light will make it uncomfortable to see through the mirror.

Decorative lamps

Decorations created with the use of small lighting elements are extremely effective and can introduce an unusual atmosphere into the bathroom, which may be important especially for lovers of long, relaxing baths. Upper light is not conducive to relaxation, so if you like to relax in a bathtub full of water, let's put on small LED panels. We can install them above the bath or shower cubicle, illuminate only what is necessary.

Take care of safety

When experimenting with bathroom lighting, do not forget that electrical installations in the bathroom are particularly dangerous when not properly installed. First of all, you should avoid the usual standby lamps connected to the current by a cable. While this may work in the living room and bedroom, it poses a serious threat in the bathroom. Bathroom lights should be made of waterproof plastic and at least 60 cm away from the water source.



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