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6 września 2017

The research shows that doctors are not troubled by patients using cannabis

Two scientists from Yale University, Matthew N. Goldenberg and Eitan D. Hersh, decided to conduct a research among physicians in the United States of America, concerning their approach to their patients using marijuana. As it turned out, the results published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) show that most of them are not worried about that habit.

Smoking cannabis was among nine hypothetical habits of patients that 233 doctors from 29 states, were asked to value, in terms of the danger level they pose. Using the scale from1 to 10 points, smoking cannabis along with previous abortions scored only 5.7 points, which was the lowest rate from all other habits. The doctors decided that intercourses with prostitutes and riding a motorbike without a helmet are the most dangerous habits. Also depression, tobacco, alcohol and firearms at home were rated as bigger threats for patients than smoking cannabis.

As a matter of fact a great number of doctors believes that medical marijuana can help their patients, and most of them also want it to be legal. Today, there are 25 states in which medical cannabis is allowed, and in four states people can even use it for recreational purposes. What is more, the Gallup poll shows that about 33 million adults in America use cannabis.

Cannabis benefits

During the study conducted by the Yale University’s scientists, they also wanted to find out whether politics have influence on the doctors’ opinion about what are the most dangerous habits among patients. They also took under consideration such factors as age, gender, geography or religion. And according to the results, political attitudes do influence the opinions of the physicians taking part in the study.

What is the conclusion of the research then?

The way patients are treated may strongly depend on whether their doctors are Republicans or Democrats. When it comes to marijuana use, we can be sure that doctor who supports the Republican Party will encourage us to cut down on it, as it is dangerous for our health and simply illegal. But specialist who is a Democrat will be definitely more concerned about keeping firearm in our house, than with smoking cannabis for medical or recreational purposes.



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