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6 stycznia 2019

5 advantages of built-in kitchens

Modern kitchens are certainly characterized by a very closed and simple form. We will certainly be able to do this thanks to the furniture, which is made to measure, as well as household appliances, which are hidden in the building. And exactly what are the advantages of a built-in kitchen?

Built-in kitchen furniture is basically a relatively new possibility when it comes to finishing the kitchen. Furniture, which are made to size, will definitely fill the recesses between the walls. At the same time, they will make it possible to achieve the effect of a very ordered space. This form of kitchen finishing is very popular. Mainly this form of finishing is becoming more and more popular. It is not only about the unlimited possibilities of arrangement, but also because of the multitude of other advantages.

The workspace is very tidy

The kitchen, which is finished to size together with the built-in AGA appliances makes it easy to maintain order and the order itself creates. Both refrigerators, ovens and microwave ovens are closed under the font of the cabinets. They are then easy to keep clean and also fit seamlessly into the room. Especially when it comes to lacquered fronts, which are available in many kitchen furniture sets.

Any arrangement

Kitchen buildings allow you to create any composition. So we have the freedom to compose cabinets with drawers or shelves. Thanks to this we can really create a project tailored to our individual needs. Built-in furniture works well in basically any kitchen.

Modern kitchen

Very modern design

Most of the furniture systems are modernly designed furniture. They blend perfectly with very fashionable and industrial interiors. The Senso Kitchens Tarffic furniture is an ideal example. The furniture is available in many colour variants.


When we arrange the kitchen in the building, it is easy to divide it into zones. The washing, cooking and cutting area can be easily separated. This is the way to use every centimetre of space. This will satisfy the owners of small kitchen rooms.

Possibilities of untypical rooms arrangement

Senso Kitchens kitchen buildings enable us to arrange kitchens with unusual wall finishes. In the case of kitchen buildings we do not have to worry about finishing the kitchen with a window or the kitchen in the attic. Senso Kitchens Royal is a great example of this. The window was used as a great element of decoration and it was perfectly integrated into the building. As you can see there is no shortage of ideas and everything can be planned from A to Z.



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