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20 lutego 2019

How to effectively whiten teeth?

Only a few of us can boast perfectly white teeth. The vast majority struggle with the problem of hyperpigmentation, although this one does not always have the same source. Discolorations are most often associated with smoking and coffee, although it is increasingly said that genetics can also be partly responsible for their formation.

Tooth whitening is therefore a procedure that is becoming more and more popular. It also seems to be more and more accessible. Discoloration, regardless of its cause, can be an extremely unpleasant experience. Bystanders are usually associated with poor oral hygiene, although it is not usually the reason for it. Very often dental plaque is to blame. If it is not systematically removed, it hardens, and then a stone is formed on it. Over time, tartar changes the colour of the teeth on yellow, and dark circles on the gums, which are difficult to get rid of using domestic methods, are also anxiety. First of all, we should consider a visit to the dentist to remove the limescale. Only after a few days after such a procedure can you start thinking about how to restore whiteness to your teeth.

Home teeth whitening

Bleaching preparations for home use are not only more and more effective, but also safe, although their safety can only be discussed if they comply with the instructions in the manufacturer's leaflet. However, one cannot hope for spectacular results. Yes, the teeth will become a bit lighter, but we probably won't get rid of stains or discolorations. Home teeth brightening requires at least a few weeks of commitment from us. The effect usually lasts from quarter to half a year. Bleaching pastes seem to be the most popular solution in this context. It is recommended to brush your teeth with them at least twice a day, necessarily after eating. They are often used in combination with bleaching gums, which should be chewed during the day. The paste can also be used alternatively with the usual one.

Homemade ways to smile white

Transparent stripes are another solution for home use. They are usually soaked in bleaching gel. Our task is to glue them as carefully as possible to the teeth twice a day, and then leave them there for half an hour. After just a few days, the improvement in white becomes visible, and the treatment is repeated every six months to maintain its effect.

Another interesting solution is the bleach in the stick. It is used after brushing teeth, and the tip of the stick itself acts like a marker, which is used to paint the teeth thoroughly. The procedure should be performed before going to bed and you can be sure that only two weeks after its inauguration you will be able to enjoy the results we are satisfied with. Another solution is a two-phase gel. The package contains a prosthetic overlay, which should be submerged by us in gel and applied daily for ten minutes on subsequent teeth. Already after a week of regular use, the first effects of this method can be seen.

Tooth whitening: this is where your dentist will help you

If you want to whiten your dead teeth, you will need to visit your dentist. Dead teeth darken quite quickly, which is particularly visible in the case of those that we treated with root canal treatment. Fortunately, even in this case you can help. The doctor usually starts by making sure that the tooth is carefully cured and the roots are properly sealed. You can then apply a bleaching agent and cover it with a special dressing. After a week, the first inspection takes place.



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