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6 grudnia 2018

Where does cellulite come from?

Some of our habits can lead to the skin losing its firmness. Here are the seven mistakes that practically all of us will make. The skin can be smooth, and sometimes you just need to change your habits. It is worth seeing how cellulite is formed and finally get rid of it.

No traffic

Cellulite is the result of excessive accumulation of fat in the body and lymph circulation disorders. It is precisely the lack of this movement that causes stagnation. It is worth to focus on appropriate exercises. Swimming, cycling, running, tennis and gentle aerobic exercises are always good. The traffic must be unforced and regular.

Excess fat

Excess fat is always the most conducive to cellulite. If you fight cellulite you can not consume more than 1 gram of fat per 1 kg of weight. Remember to eat natural fat burners like grapefruit juice or red tea. Acute diets can exacerbate the problem, because the effect of yo-yo fat cells its volume.

Too hot

Cellulite likes high temperatures, so long hot baths, sunbathing, sauna or hot waxing are the factors that lead to circulation problems. The enemy of cellulite will always be low temperature. In the cold your body will burn more calories and manage fat reserves faster. Instead of hot baths you can use cool showers, visit cryogenic chambers, use sea baths.

Reaching for alcohol

Additives cause toxin poisoning

Alcohol and cigarettes cause addictions and introduce toxins into the body. If we want to fight cellulite seriously, alcohol should be limited to a small dose of red wine, and smoking should be stopped.

Excess hormones

Especially progesterone is one of the causes of orange peel appearance. Hormones retain water in the body. Hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy and diet may exacerbate such ailments. Some hormones can be difficult for us to give up like contraception pills. That is why it is advisable to consult physicians in such a situation.

No water

Toxins can be removed from the body if you drink a lot of water. You can also put on diluted juices or unsweetened tea. Coffee can be replaced by green tea.


The enemy of cellulite will always be a massage regardless of whether it is a professional or amateur massage. That's why it's always worth it, you can also do the drainage always in the shower.



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