29 października 2021

How to pack for a move: 10 moving hacks and tips

​Moving to a new place is always stressful – not only does it take courage to take such a monumental step in your life but it also comes with a lot of heavy, not necessarily enjoyable, work. If you are in such a situation and are in dire need of help, you are in for a treat!

We will provide you with a list of 10 tips and hacks that will make your move go as smoothly as possible.

What to start with? Let’s find out!

First of all, while thinking about moving, you should take into account that it will take a lot of your time. It would be very much needed to take some time off work and any other engaging events to focus mainly on the task at hand.

Then, while you are sure nothing can interrupt you, make a plan. List of all the things that have to be done first, then write down everything else – in whichever order you prefer.

Did I mention doing a budget list? Well, that, unfortunately, has to be done during the first few days as well. If you are not sure how much money will the move take, contact a specialist – any available moving and packing service should have one of those people in their team.

Moving and packing services

After you are done with the planning, it is a perfect time to reach out to the nearest removals service. Whether it will be done by e-mail or a call is totally up to you. It would be best to search for companies with the best recommendations on the Internet. Already done it? You are an absolute beast!

Do not forget! Do it as quickly as possible because the trucks that are needed for all your stuff may not be available at a later date.

10 moving tips to make your life easier

  • Divide your things!

As we all know, people, especially women, like to store things that are not necessarily used by them. Organize all your belongings into piles and reach out to shelters in need – we guarantee they will appreciate your donation.

  • Pack all of your necessities in a travel bag.

The things that you use regularly, such as make-up or body care cosmetics, must be packed separately. Prepare one or two bags only for this and keep it somewhere close. Those are things that you can take with you.

  • Set a moving date as early as possible!

You have to remember that moving companies are not as available as a convenience stores. There are thousands of people per day who are moving to a different location and they also need their assistance. Therefore, when you contact the moving and packing service, make sure to agree on a date – you do not want to be left with all of your stuff out on the street!

  • Boxes, boxes, boxes…

Oh dear, how many of them do we need while moving? Endless amounts… Once again, contact a person authorized in your chosen removals service and discuss. Maybe they do have some cardboard boxes that they can lend you. If not, ask in the nearest store, they always throw them away.

  • Pack wisely!

Always pack the heaviest stuff on the bottom of the box and the most vulnerable at the top. You may also want to secure the latter with some additional materials as not to damage it while on the move.

  • Label the cartons!

Imagine that you pack all of your belongings into numerous boxes, the moving service takes it from you and loads it up into their trucks. You feel content with yourself, do you not?

  • Ding dong!

All the boxes are looking the same! How are you supposed to know where is your fur coat now? You must mark all the packages. Ask the packing services, maybe they do have some stickers that you can use!

  • Do not hesitate to ask for help!

I know that you thrive to be independent but do not overuse yourself. There is only one of you, you cannot do everything. Yes, the packing services will help you but maybe you would feel a little bit better if you asked some of your friends to come by? Even for a simple chit chat.

  • How could we forget about animals?!

Our sincerest apologies, that should be one of the first tips. Are you a happy owner of some cute creature? Do not make the mistake of keeping it with you while the move is happening. Better give it to some of your family members to take care of for a few days.

  • New home – is it ready?

The boxes are packed, moving services London have done a tremendous job and are already driving with your belongings to your new apartment. But is it ready? It would be best to send someone who will supervise the whole process and start arranging things already. The more, the merrier.

  • Cleaning service? On my way!

Last but not least, make sure your old home looks as good as on the day that you moved in. If you are not necessarily happy to do it yourself, call a cleaning service. They will send a couple of qualified people who will do it for you.

All that is left is to pack yourself up into your car and start a new journey. Good luck!

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