7 sierpnia 2017

5 essential commands you can teach your dog

Every dog should get an appropriate obedience training, but does it mean that you need to take a professional class? Definitely not, as you may teach your dog some basic commands all by yourself. And if you do it right, it will be a great entertainment for both of you.

1. Sit

You should start your dog’s training with this simple command. But how to do it? Just take a treat and hold it close to the dog’s nose. When you move your hand up, the dog should follow it with his head and lower his bottom. Eventually, the dog will take the sitting position. At that moment you need to say “sit”, give him the treat and show affection. Repeat this sequence few times a day, until your dog starts reacting on that command.

2. Come

To teach the dog to come to you at the command, you need to put the leash and collar on him. Then you go down to his level, subtly pull the leash and say “come”. If the dog approaches you, give him a treat and show affection. After repeating it for some time, you should remove the leash and practice the command without it.

3. Down

It is not an easy command to teach the dog, but with a proper attitude you can do it. First of all, you need to get some really good smelling treat and hide it in your fist. Then, hold it close to your dog’s snout and slowly move your hand to the floor. The dog should follow it. In the next step, you need to slide your hand along the ground, so his body will also follow it. When he is in the down position, you have to say “down” and award your dog with the treat and some affection.

Basic dog training

4. Stay

The first step to teach your dog this command is to ask him to “sit”. When he takes the position, you open your hand’s palm and say “stay”. Then, move back a little and if your dog stays, you can give him a treat and show your affection. After some practice, you should increase the distance between you and your dog, and remember to always reward him, even if he stays in position for a very brief moment. It may take you some time to master that command, but you shouldn’t be discouraged.

5. Leave it

You need to put the treat in both of your hands and show your dog one enclosed fist saying “leave it”. He may bark, sniff, lick or mouth, but you have to ignore such behaviors. When he stops to try to get the treat, you should reward him with the treat from the other fist. You need to repeat that sequence till the time your dog stands back when you say the command. In the next step, the dog gets the treat only, when he not only stands back, but also looks at you after he hears “leave it”.



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