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4 marca 2021

3 advantages of travertine facades

​Travertine is especially sought after for building design, successfully falling into the category of cheap and good materials. Very useful, both in the putty and non-putty version, it offers particularly aesthetic and resistant surfaces, without too much effort.

Travertine can be used for both indoor and outdoor work, especially for cladding facades, floors and steps. If you are also looking for a material that will help you to decorate the facade of the house in an elegant way, this is why you should choose travertine to achieve this.

It can be easily cleaned

House facades are often difficult to clean, especially if they do not have any protection. For example, a house covered only with washable paint or decorative plaster will be harder to clean than one covered with travertine. It can be cleaned with a pressurized water hose, and if you also have a horizontal floor covering on the floor, then the efficiency increases significantly. Travertine can be placed anywhere. If you lack inspiration, look for different terrace design ideas to put into practice later.

You can decorate the outside using travertine in its pure state. If you are afraid that it will be difficult to maintain, due to structural gaps, find out that this is not the case at all. Surfaces of this type can be cleaned very easily. If necessary, find out about the types of travertine you need and you will see that it is structured according to the porosity and the level of the gaps. Travertine with as few gaps as possible is considered, even, a premium material.

It is an ecological material

Travertine is mined in quarries in different parts of the world. These are, in fact, massive pits with huge blocks of natural stone, from which huge slabs are cut. Subsequently, they will be processed to the dimensions desired by the beneficiaries. Of course, the process takes place at the industrial level, requiring special logistics in this regard.

Travertine is, therefore, a completely natural material, which does not pollute or harm nature. The use of travertine in construction works is also environmentally friendly, and travertine cladding solutions are durable over time, so investments are justified. You will not have to change the exterior of the house after only a few years, nor will you have any unpleasant surprises in terms of preserving the appearance. Travertine resists very well over time.

It offers particularly beautiful surfaces

The beauty of travertine is known to everyone, it is used both for decorative purposes and as a protective element. The beauty of travertine lies in the naturalness of the model, which can be easily recognized. Its surface somehow resembles the interior of a tree, and the warm color enlivens any facade, giving the impression of color continuity. Natural limestone, with gaps, travertine is aesthetic in both variants: putty and unpainted. For grouting, a special mastic is used for filling gaps, finishing and leveling. Then the surface is polished so that, in the end, the travertine looks really wonderful.

Beige shades of travertine fit, in any context, whether we are talking about facades, floors, window sills or countertops. Gold is the color that seems to fit best with travertine, the resulting combination being the image of elegance and refinement, even if we are talking about modern rooms, for everyday activities.

Travertine is truly a material that offers countless advantages, being a product that brings luxury and beauty closer to you. And if you are looking for a professional team to refurbish your house, look for Robert’s 21st Century Design. They offer a complete refurbishment / renovation service from design and planning through to those final finishing touches.

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