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21 czerwca 2018

What is worth taking with you to the pool?

Swimming is a sport for everyone, suitable for both children and the elderly, as well as people with pond problems. Staying in the water relaxes, but also allows you to gain strength and muscle mass. When going to the swimming pool it is worth taking a comfortable swimsuit, flip-flops and caps with you. Swimming glasses and fins will also be useful, and for beginners - a board.

Swimming pool outfit.

It is essential that you take your swimsuit with you to the pool. It should adhere to the body without restricting movement. In the case of women, a one-piece costume is best suited. For men, the most recommended swimsuit is the classic bathing panties, reminiscent of boxers. It is important that the swimsuit is made of an extensible, chlorine-resistant material. It is worth spending a few more zlotys to make the outfit suitable for use after a few visits to the pool. A beach towel is very important. Allows the body to dry quickly after leaving the water. It is best to buy a microfibre towel. It takes up little space and dries quickly. Another thing you need for a swimming pool is a cap. The silicone caps adapt well to the head and are impermeable to water. Latex protects hair from chlorine contained in water and is very durable. Lycra, on the other hand, allows for easy attachment and removal of the cap. Unfortunately, it lets water through the cap. Dense and long hair caps are available, with varying head circumference sizes.

Swimming glasses

swimming pool glasses

Another useful thing in the pool are swimming glasses. Well-chosen will allow you to dive freely and protect your eyes from the influence of chlorine. When going to the swimming pool, you should also remember to take your flip-flops with you. They will ensure safe walking on wet and slippery tiles and protect against potential fungal infections.

What can be useful in the pool?

Swimming can be made more interesting by dressing up the fins. They allow you to swim faster and strengthen your muscles better. A swimming board will be suitable for beginners - it helps you to stay on the surface of the water. Beginners should reach for larger boards for greater stability and buoyancy. If you have swimming experience and want to improve your technique with the use of a board, you can choose a smaller one.

Parents going to the swimming pool with a baby should try out the swimming wheel.
It allows the child to float safely on the water. They are equipped with panties, which make the baby's legs submerged under water, and the trunk and head - above it. When going to the swimming pool with a baby, you should also take diapers to the pool, clothes in turns, bath toys and body lotion or olive oil.



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