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15 lutego 2019

What kind of exercise bench to buy?

Effective strength training is not possible without appropriate equipment. Every gym, even if only small and for domestic use, must be equipped with a bench. What are the types of exercise benches and what kind of benches to choose?

A good exercise bench is an ideal tool for weightlifting training, but it can also be used for lighter muscle strengthening and body sculpting exercises. The possibilities of using the bench depend on the specific model:

  1. Straight, flat workout bench - the basic and cheapest type of bench, which has no adjustment and its surface is always parallel to the floor. It is enough for basic training exercises.
  2. Diagonal training bench - suitable for abdominal training. Many of them are adjustable so that they can be set to a flat position. The slanted bench can also be folded.
  3. Adjustable workout bench - depending on the model, it can be equipped with handles, cords and other accessories. It can be set at an angle and flat. Allows you to exercise your chest, abdomen or biceps.
  4. A training bench for a barbell - an essential part of any gym, but not necessarily the home gym. Allows for advanced exercises of all parts of the body, but takes up a lot of space and is difficult to move.

What accessories?

Training benches can be equipped with various elements and accessories, thanks to which we will increase their functionality and broaden the range of exercises possible to perform. The most popular accessories are:

Moderator - the most commonly used in barbell benches, allows you to train shoulder muscles.

Dumbbells space - organizes the storage of dumbbells, which can be placed close to the bench.

Lever - thanks to this device we will be able to effectively exercise the muscles of the legs.

Exercise lines - diversify the exercise of hand muscles.

Exercise bench - what to pay attention to before buying?

Before buying a training bench you should also pay attention to a few technical issues:

Maximum bench load - the maximum weight that can act on the bench. Consider the weight of the user and accessories, e.g. barbells.

Type of adjustment - some benches do not have it at all, others allow you to adjust individual elements. The larger the adjustment range, the more exercises we will do.

Stable construction - the bench should be heavy and stable to guarantee safety.

Material - the bench should preferably be made of steel profiles.

Certificates - testify to the safety of use. Most equipment is EN 957 certified.

The way of assembly - it is worth to choose the bench, which we will assemble and unfold independently, without the help of other people.

Amount of space occupied - the bench does not have to occupy the whole room and even if you have a lot of free space, it is worth to use it for more equipment.



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